Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church Looks to the Future

Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church is a fellowship, and its true history is the story of people serving God, not of buildings and furniture. Beginning as a village church in 1894, it reached out into a farming community, then drew into its orbit young commuting families, and now reaches into new subdivisions of suburban dwellers.

While engaging in Christian ministry to a much larger community than in the past, Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church remains a family church in a deeper sense, as described by a single young adult who has recently joined the congregation. Though kin to no one else in the church, he said: “When I come to this church, I feel I am in the midst of family; I feel as though I’ve been adopted by grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. I feel at home here; it’s beautiful.” May God continue to bless our community through Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church.


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