Pastor-- Eugene Kim
Location/Map-- 43987 John Mosby Highway, Chantilly, VA 20152.  
Office--703-327-4461     office@pleasantvalleyumc.net

In Person Service--For Easter Sunday Service, we did a hybrid service (live-streaming service and an in-person service together).  The Healthy Church Team and Worship Committee have decided to continue the hybrid service for our Sunday Service at 11AM. In our sanctuary, we have 20 spots measuring for 6-feet social distancing. Each person can sit on each spot, or one family can sit together in the same spot. If you feel safe and comfortable, you can come to an in-person service for the Sunday Service at 11am. If you want to continue joining our live-streaming service, please do so. We will continue live-streaming for our Sunday service as well. If you come for an in-person service, you have to wear a mask at all times during the service and keep the social distance with other people. For more information, please contact to our church office.
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Congregational Meeting for Prayer--ONLINE
Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, we will have our online prayer group. We will pray for the caregivers, patients, and all the world to be relieved of the Coronavirus and any others that need healing. With everything that is going on in our nation and the world our prayers are needed more than ever.  Contact the Office for How to Join

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