It is said that a church is not a building but a church is the people. People make a church through worshiping God together, caring for others and fellowship. But a church must have financial support to fulfill its missions and maintain a place to worship. 

Online Giving to God

Pleasant Valley UMC is pleased to offer the option of online giving to our members and friends. Using the link above, you can give once or schedule a recurring gift of your tithes and offerings to help maintain the services and missions of our church. We have partnered with the company Vanco to provide a means for those who worship with us to give on a consistent basis even when they may be unable to attend church services on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact the church office at 703-327-4461.

          Giving of Your Time and Talents

There are many ways we can serve others in addition to financial support.  You can serve by giving of your time to help keep our building and grounds in good and welcoming condition. Each of us have special talents to offer to help further our serving of others. Feel free to let us know if want to share your time and talents. Contact Us

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