About the Church

Birth of Pleasant Valley UMC

Pleasant Valley UMC was born in 1894 when the Gum Spring congregation from Arcola UMC wanted to start a church in the growing Pleasant Valley community. When the church was organized, Miss Fannie Whaley and Alonzo O’Bannon gave a site of approximately one-half acre on which the original sanctuary was built in 1894. The building remained virtually unchanged for 50 years.

“The Pretty White Church”

PVUMC has seen three different renovations and additions since the original building (now our chapel) was completed:

  1. In July 1945, soon after the parsonage was also moved to Pleasant Valley, a brick education and fellowship building was added. Completed that November, it cost $11,000 in addition to the value of donated lumber and volunteer labor.pvumcchurch
  2. In 1972, PVUMC underwent a complete renovation of the sanctuary under the direction of C. Preston Poland, then Chairman of the building and Grounds Committee.
  3. In March 1991, a generous gift of $400,000 from Joseph and Haseltine Shockey made a new sanctuary and social hall possible.  C. Preston Poland again led the building process.

On June 21, 1991, Pleasant Valley UMC had the steeple fastened onto the sanctuary that holds our Sunday morning worship services today.

Reaching Out

In the 115 years since its founding, Pleasant Valley Church has seen major changes in its community.  What was originally a farming community in the early 20th century witnessed the construction of Dulles International Airport, Route 66, and the Toll Road.  The Church has also witnessed a tremendous amount of people move into the South Riding / Chantilly area. This growth led to a lot of discussion as to how Pleasant Valley could best serve the community around it.  Our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Ministry serves many in the Chantilly and surrounding community.

A Place to Worship, Serve, and Belong

Pleasant Valley Church has throughout history been a place that strives to welcome people in.  As the community around it changed, PVUMC has worked to be a congregation that allows God to move in and through it for the good of all people.  As we live into this new era of being a multi-site church, the congregation of Pleasant Valley looks forward to being a place for people to worship in different ways, to serve in many ways, and to belong in all ways.  We hope you’ll join us some Saturday or Sunday soon.